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Web Development: Architects & Builders

written by - Ben Ravilious

Web design and programming often get lumped together. Business directories such as Yellow Pages don’t even distinguish the two normally. This lack of distinction makes some sense for someone who is looking to get a website or app built but they are actually quite different disciplines.

At Ultimateweb, we specialise in just the coding of websites & apps and do not provide any creative services. Whilst this restricts what we can do in-house, it means we are free to partner with a huge range of creative agencies without stepping on anyone’s toes or running the risk of becoming a ‘jack of all trades’ agency.

The analogy we use is that we are builders whereas our creative agency partners are architects.

Our aspiration is to be good builders who respect architects’ work but aren’t afraid to point technical or practical issues that would make a build difficult or impractical to execute. We’ve been doing this for over 12 years now so we like to think we’re well practiced at working with creative agencies and their clients.