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We are a startup studio based in Leicester, England specialising in building software-as-a-service website and app-based businesses in partnership with other entrepreneurs. We behave like a coder, angel investor and mentor all rolled into one.

Building tech startups is hard and unless you have the time or experience to code things yourself, you’re reliant on external coders to do the heavy lifting for you. However, most developers just want to get paid and don’t really care if your brief changes or costs over-run.

We believe an equity (i.e. shares), commission or royalties-based partnership with your technology provider is a better way to get things off the ground. This means that we have “skin in the game” and have a vested interest in delivering something that actually makes money.

We not only offer our coding and technological skills but also first-hand experience of lean startup methodology (do read the book!) to help you quickly find a scalable business model. We were instrumental in founding the local startup community in our hometown of Leicester, England and have loads of experience and connections in the field.

If you’ve got an idea that you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear from you. Here are some of the initial criteria we use to decide whether your idea is right for us:-

  • An innovative idea with potential to scale.
  • Some early signs of validation of the idea.
  • Founder partners (that’s you!) who¬†are prepared to get their hands dirty
  • Realistic expectations for timescales and growth.


Don’t worry if your idea is still a bit rudimentary, we’re always happy to chat things over and will always try to give helpful pointers, regardless of whether we end up partnering with you.

To start the conversation, contact us today!