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Leicester Tech Scene: Why Communities Matter

written by - Ben Ravilious

Community is one of those over-used words that often pigeon-holes groups of people who don’t have much real interest in each other’s lives. The idea of a ‘business community’ to many is a particularly oxymoronic idea – why would a bunch of self-interested business people bother to help each other out?

A couple of years ago I read Startup Communities by Brad Feld which completely changed my somewhat cynical view on communities within business. Feld describes how he helped create a grass roots community of startup entrepreneurs in Boulder, Colorado which helped turn it into one of the most enterprising cities in the World.

Combining our ambition at Ultimateweb to be more entrpreneurial with the apparent rich raw materials in Leicester I realised that we were in a great position to get a tech community going in Leicester. Now in it’s second year, what started as a coffee morning has now blossomed into a fully fledged community with lots of events happening each month all over the city.

If you are of a tech persuasion and are prepared to believe that business can be more than a zero sum game then come along to a Leicester Tech Startups community event.